The New House – Chapter 9 – – Short Fiction
By: Nidheesh Samant |

I was pushed back with quite some force. I staggered back. I did not expect my doppelganger to have such strength. I had managed to get him off my leg quite easily after all. On top of that, part of my attention was focused on Tina. The knife hovering in front of her was not letting her make a move. But, as far as I could see, she was not in any immediate danger. The same could not be said about me. In the time I had taken to recover from the push, the evil I had procured a knife. He took a slow measured step towards me. I was inches away from the open black door. The whole situation was bad, but the fact that his expression had not changed at all since I first saw him, made it all the more eerie.

I looked around for any means of escape. I could not rush forward, and going back into the room was not even worth giving a thought to. My eyes searched the floor around me, looking for something that could help. It was difficult searching for anything because the red liquid I had seen in the kitchen had spread out in the hall now. My evil twin took another step towards me, his foot making a small splash as it landed. I continued frantically searching for something, anything that could help. I saw one of the empty beer bottles lying ahead of me. It had come out of the kitchen along with the red liquid. It was the only chance I had. I rushed towards the bottle and ducked as soon I reached it. I scooped it up and pulled myself back. It was just in the nick of time as my twin’s knife swooshed inches from my eyes. The entire motion caused me to lose my balance. I feel back with a splash and thud. My doppelganger was looming upon me. Before he could take another stab at me, I flung the bottle at his hand. The bottle did its job and he dropped his knife. I got back to my feet and pushed him out of my way. I rushed towards Tina. But before I could take any steps, I was brought down by my twin. I fell on my head. I realized the liquid not only looked like blood, but also tasted like it. Before I could recover, my twin had held my feet tightly. I was being dragged into the room. I tried to fight back, but his grip on my feet was too strong. As I was being dragged, the knife that was hovering in front of Tina, had now begun moving towards her. I could only witness as it plunged itself into her left hand drawing a loud scream from her. I was almost at the door when the knife aimed itself at her head. Tina looked at me pleadingly. I felt helpless.

Suddenly, the front door opened. It was Dr. Ramaya!

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