The New House – Chapter 8 – – Short Fiction
By: Nidheesh Samant |

I got up, clutching my abdomen. I kicked the chair that had tripped me. The door did not want to be reopened and was making things hard for me. This was further proof that what the doctor said was right. It needed to be done. I heard Tina’s voice.
“Watch out!”

I turned just in time to see my laptop zooming towards me. I ducked instantly and felt the cold whoosh of air as the laptop narrowly missed my head.

“Are you okay?”

“Barely. Thanks, Tina.”

I stood up straight and resumed my approach to the door. I kept a weather eye open, not wanting any flying objects hitting my face, or any part of the body for that matter. I could hear the rattling of crockery coming from my kitchen. As I got closer to the door, the rattling grew more intense. It was accompanied with the sound of glass and china falling to the floor and shattering. As I crossed the kitchen, I could see the floor was filling up with a thick red liquid. I could see my body lying in the liquid. They were mind tricks, illusions. I knew the house was playing with me. I also knew that I could not give in. I turned my attention away from my body in the kitchen, which had now opened its eyes and looking back at me. It was like a reflection of mine that had its own expressions. I did not know how I was looking at that moment, but I was sure I did not have a cold smile on my face. The black door was close now. Only a few more steps. Tina cheered me on.

“Go for it. You are nearly there.”

I took the last couple of steps towards the door and extended my hand forward to open it. My fingers had almost grasped the lock when I felt a tug at my right leg. With my hand on the lock, I turned back to see what had got my leg. It was my smiling doppelganger. I kicked hard at him but he refused to let go. I kicked harder smashing my heel into his face. It felt weird kicking myself, but it was effective. The grip on my leg loosened. I kicked once more and my leg was free. My doppelganger slumped to the floor, with the same cold smile, his dead eyes looking at me as I finally opened the latch. I pushed the door and it was open once again. I jubilantly turned to look at Tina. My eyes met with a shock. Tina was backed up against the wall while a knife aimed at her was floating inches from her.  Before I could move, my doppelganger was up. He blocked my path and stared me in the eye.

He pushed me back attempting to force me into the now unlocked room.

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