The New House – Chapter 7 – – Short Fiction
By: Nidheesh Samant |

I hastily picked up Dr. Ramaya’s call

“Hello? Doctor, can you hear me?”

“Sorry, I was out of town. Yes, I can hear you.”

“Thank heavens…!”

I had to pause and make sure Tina was okay. She was clutching on to me and nervously looking around the hall. She glanced at me and gave a quizzing look. I showed her the caller ID and got back to the call.

“..Thank heavens you called back. Dr. Ramaya, I ..”

This time, Dr. Ramaya cut my words.

“You opened the door, right?”

“Umm..yes! How did you know?”

“Son, it was the only logical explanation. You would not have sent me such an SMS otherwise.”

“I’m sorry sir. It should not have happened. It was a mistake. And now things have gone from bad to worse. We are trapped here. “

“Well, I had warned you. Okay, I’m on my way. It will take me some time to reach. But, till then you need to open the door again. It will be difficult, but it is very important. I will…”




I only heard static in response.

I kept my phone in my pocket and turned towards Tina.

“We need to open the door again.”

“Are you crazy? We need to figure out how to get out of here and not how to get back in deeper into whatever mess this is.”

“I know what I’m saying sounds bonkers. But, the doctor wanted us to do this. He said it was important. I’ll do it. You wait here. Keep trying to get that door open. Alright?”

“I still do not think this is a good idea.”

“Me neither. But, I trust the doctor on this.”

Tina gave me a weak nod. I turned towards the black door. It was across the hall, next to the kitchen. I took a step towards it. The lights dimmed. I took another step. The floor started shaking ever so slightly. The house seemed to have understood my intentions. I decided to sprint towards the door and get it done quickly. I mustered up courage and dashed forward. No sooner had I taken a couple of steps, I felt something hit me and I fell hard on the floor. I had all wind knocked out of me. Clutching my hurting abdomen, I turned to see the cause of my fall. A chair had moved from its position in the hall and suddenly appeared in my path.

It was apparent that the black door did not want to be reopened.  

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