Surreptitious – Episode 14 |
By: Nidheesh Samant |


Ice slowly came to his senses. The first thing he realized was the light was hitting his eyes. He moved his hand to shield his eyes, but he could not. He realized they were restricted from moving.

“Open your eyes, Agent Ice.”

The voice echoed around the room, sending sharp pangs of pain into Ice’s head. Ice opened his eyes and realized he was in the hall. Rather than appearing dark and empty, it was well-lit and crowded. Ice looked around and saw that there were at least a dozen guards on the first floor, aiming their automatic rifles at him. Each of his arms was held back by a guard. Ice observed the skinny man standing in front of him. He may have looked skinny and old, but he had an undisputable aura of regality surrounding him. His stern face was lined with scars and his lips were curled in a smile.

“Agent Ice, how nice of you to join us. I am Senor Leo, the master of Casa Grande. It looks a bit old, I know. But, I assure you, it has not lost its charm, the charm that my family cherished for many years. I usually enjoy having guests over, but you were uninvited. Nevertheless, we knew you would come, trying to rescue your friend. Aching to see him, aren’t you?”

Ice stared back at Leo. He could feel blood coming out of the wound on his head. Leo gestured towards the guard standing at the double-doors. The guard bowed his head briskly and went into the cellar.

“You are wondering whether I am part of The Jaeger, si? No, Agent Ice, I’m merely a friend of theirs. You could almost say that The Jaeger owe me their existence. I provided the funds and equipment they required, when they were nothing more than two-bit assassins. They should ideally be indebted to me, but they performed a few tasks for me. So, I called it even. They asked me for a favor, sheltering their prisoner. I complied with their request. Of course, I will make good use of them in return. I’m sure you must have noticed all the oil barrels at the dock. This mansion is a depot of oil, my business. I procure black gold hoard it here, and then pipeline it to the docks, from where I ship it out. Let’s just say I need some help procuring it and The Jaeger will help.”

Ice continued staring at the double-doors, trying to come up with an escape plan. He could feel no weight inside his jacket. They had stripped him off his weapons. He still had his watch on him. He knew it would be enough. But, he had to wait for the right moment. As Ice was coming up with a plan, the double doors swung open and three guards entered the room. Two of them were holding the arms of Owl, who was badly beaten and bruised, unable to walk in his condition, he was being dragged by the guards.

Ice shouted out at him.

“Owl! Owl! It’s me Ice.”

The old man gave no response. His eyes seemed barely open, but he managed a smile.

Ice turned his attention to Leo.

“You asshole! You better hope he is alright, for your sake.”

“Such impudence. You kids should learn your manners. No worries I’ll be more than happy to teach.”

Leo nodded to the guards holding Ice. They twisted his arms and kicked him in his stomach with their knees. Ice collapsed to the ground. He sat on his knees, clutching his stomach. Leo removed a mobile from his pocket and made a call.

“Si, Amigo. Agent Ice is here. He came just like you told me. What is to be done with him?”

Leo went silent, listening to what was being told to him.

“Very well, amigo. Adios!”

Leo kept the phone back into his pocket and smiled at Ice.

“Well, Agent Ice, my friends want me to send your amigo to the grave.”

Ice looked up at Leo and then at Owl. The third guard aimed his gun at owl.

“Say Adios to your amigo, Agent Ice.”

“Don’t do this, Leo. I promise you, I will make you pay.”

Leo shot Ice a malicious grin.

“You see Agent Ice, I do not like people who have no means to keep their promise.”

He nodded to the guard aiming at Owl. The guard obediently pulled the trigger and pumped a couple of bullets into Owl’s heart. Ice stood up, ready to make a dash towards Owl’s killer, but he was quickly brought down by a couple of swift kicks to his gut. He collapsed to the ground, writhing in pain. The pain of losing his mentor overpowered the physical pain. Leo looked at Owl’s body lying on the ground, blood gushing out of its chest. He sighed and shook his head.

“What a waste. I had the floor scrubbed clean only yesterday.”

Ice decided to act. He stealthily pressed a button on his watch. A loud bang was heard from the bedroom from which he had entered. Everyone other than Ice turned their attention towards the bedroom. Ice quickly swept his leg back and took down the guards behind him in a single motion. He rolled forward and took a position behind Leo. While rising up, he snatched Leo’s pistol from his holster and placed it on Leo’s head.

“Order your men to lay down their weapons, now.”

Leo was too dazed to react. It had all been a blur to him. He came back to his senses when Ice prodded his head with the gun.

“Si, men, put down your weapons.”

Ice grabbed on to Leo and started moving across the hall with him.

“Senor Leo, you are my hostage. If your men make any dumb move, I’ll blow your brains out. Order your men to not follow us.”

Leo did as Ice told him to. Ice continued walking towards the private dock. He got into a small motorboat. He made Leo steer the boat towards the open sea. Once they were at a distance from the dock, Ice asked Leo to stop.

“You can barely make out Casa Grande from here. We can change that.”

Before Leo could respond, Ice pressed a couple of buttons on his watch, triggering a huge explosion at the dock area.

“There go your oil barrels, Leo.”

The huge explosions set off a chain of explosions which moved towards Casa Grande, culminating into a huge eruption at the location of Casa Grande. Ice had blown Casa Grande to smithereens. The rage on Leo’s face was visible.

Ice placed the gun’s muzzle behind the back of Leo’s head.

“This is a funeral worthy of Owl. Goodbye, my mentor.”

Ice pulled the trigger and continued looking at the blaze as Leo’s body fell into the sea, sinking to its watery depths.

Ice looked at Leo’s phone which he had pocketed while he had held on to Leo.

“Time to avenge Owl.”

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