The Teenager |

By: Paridhi Saxena | Class 10, Carmel Convent School, Bhopal

A child who once was a dream,

Is now born and treated with milk and cream.

The joy of teaching him to walk,

And then listening to what he talks.

Slowly slowly the time has flown,

By – and – by the candles are also blown.

A child who was light yesterday,

Has started shining out in the hay.

He has turned into a teen now,

And has started asking what when and how!

He has gone more into friends,

And has started following the latest fashion trends.

The pain of getting a pimple,

And the joy of having a dimple.

The place where the toys were once kept,

Is now taken by mobile and internet.

WhatsApp, Viber, Twitter and Facebook,

Has lessened opening the textbook.

The most memorable fun and bunk,

And talking with friends under a tree trunk!

The fear about the ninth grade,

And result day making afraid.

The WhatsApp ten seconds last seen,

Is the merit of today’s teen.

The pretty petals of those days,

Have blossomed like a flower today.

The charm, the energy, the shine, the sheen,

Is what makes today’s teen!

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