Pictures | – Short Story
By: Mercy Sangma | Guest Writer |

“Why don’t you take pictures? You keep saying you want to capture memories, to make a landmark out of the things that once happened, to not forget. Pictures are the easiest solution to what you want,” she suggested.

I chuckled and put my favorite pen in my pocket. I said, “Images are overrated. Yes, it can capture even the ‘extended developments’ the darker darks and the brighter brights as a poet once said. It is seeing something that was once seen by a different person, at a different place, from a different angle. But it is nothing words cannot do. People say a picture paints a thousand words but there are words images cannot paint. The despair hidden underneath these eyes, or the melancholy of leaving or the blood stain from your own wrist. If it takes a million words to paint a moment, I will do so just to not let the hundreds of backstories and side stories be left unseen and unwritten. You see, a picture captures a moment, words cover a story.”

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