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By: Mercy Sangma | Guest Writer | RedPaper.in

Hey May,

It’s me again. I’m writing to you early this year. All because there is so much going on in my life that I want to thank you for. There are two more months to see you again. And I am as excited as ever.
You come every year and change my life in ways I never expect. Four years back when you brought my 10th board results, I was happy as any other naïve teenager. And two years later, 12th board results. Again, a year after that I went to one of my best trips with you.  You have always brought with you, the peaks of my life. Regardless of the bad decisions I am known for, you always seem to make things better. It was with you last year I realized that the clichéd love story of falling in love with a best friend is really something I’m supposed to have. Perhaps the best I have witnessed with you.

You are so warm and welcoming, May. Always bringing along the finest with you; the promising sunshine and the long days. Making us forget about the cold winter we may face in the offing. The best days you bring, making us forget that those are temporary; and that we need to be ready for the bitter cold we shall experience time and again.

Shakespeare says, “Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May”. Will you really shake, dear? Or will you return with the best of days. You may be short, and your happy days temporary.But I always eagerly await you. Because no matter what people say, May, you are beautiful.
Looking forward to see you.

Love, Mercy.

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