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I have an idea |

I have an idea |

By Preeti Vyas |


I have an idea.
Do you have one?
Everyone has. Who doesn’t?

When I started my life stepping right into the place where we get so-called-education I had an idea. I even had one when I got my first accolade when they praised me that I will grow up to be a good-whatsoever their minds thought of. When I unknowingly stepped into the puddle of mud while playing rigorously, I had an idea. Even when a saw a bird flying over my head in the far spread sky, I had an idea. I had one, I remember when they praised my work of art.

Once when I looked into a guy standing next to the shop selling random toys and colorful stuff, I thought he had an idea too. Let it be the auto-rickshaw driver singing those 80s song, a watchman strolling all night, a small child over a bicycle, a lady wrapped in silk standing in the bus stand, a smoking guy in the corner of the street, an old man sitting and doing his daily yoga session, everyone has a thing running in their mind. That thing is nothing but an idea – an idea to transcend their work level, an idea to own a luxury living, an idea to get your small mischiefs successful, an idea to prove the world – they are wrong in their beliefs, an idea to start earning enough to fund extravagant living, an idea to achieve good health. Ain’t you think this is the thing, which is keeping us running, on the wheel over which we are being experimented upon?

I think yes, because these thoughts are for achieving something and that something is acting as a bait for so long. A bait after which we run around for an endless time and when we consume it we get another one hung right there. But have we ever thought, that whether the bait hanging there, for us, is worth running for?

The thought never comes in, because the idea is then so tempting and convincing that we abruptly start running and chasing it until we get the hold of it. Well, I would never argue that it’s a bad strategy to deal with our lives, but it’s not the best.

So, how can we turn it over the other side? How can we make the best out of it?

We don’t have do’s here, but I will serve you with don’ts. A bait is always pleasing but remember there are many of them hanging around, some of them turns out to be bigger opportunities, another land up in ephemeral pleasures. An idea and a vision together can give you a righteous way. But don’t ever go blindfolded by the generic choices, that may give you the comfort of sharing your ways with all for a while but land you up nowhere. Go for the long runs, where you run alone to achieve the things – others never even thought of. Only those races offer the best bait, that should be achieved.

So, if you have got an idea. Just judge it where it stands. And when you have decided that this is the one for which you will run for, for the rest of your life, start your race right away. It may be longer but never get disheartened as there is a bigger reward waiting for you, which is absolutely worthwhile.

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