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Lord Voldemort wasn’t the only “You-Know-Who”!



Herpo the Foul was an Ancient Greek Dark Wizard. He is one of the earliest known Dark Wizards and his work is still a lasting aspect of dark magic to date.  He is best known as the first wizard to hatch a Basilisk. He is one of the earliest known Parselmouths. It’s possible that Herpo the Foul is an ancestor of Salazar Slytherin (and by extension Lord Voldemort), as it is said that most parselmouths are related in some way to Slytherin himself. Slytherin and Herpo were similar in that they were notorious dark wizards who bred basilisks. The two also look similar to one another.


Want to raise your own Basilisk? Here is how!


Hatching a chicken egg under a toad will create the King of Serpents. < Do NOT try this at home! 😉 >.


There are 18 known ministries of magic!


Namely, Andorra, Bangladesh, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Bulgaria, England, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Germany, India, Iran, Liechtenstein, Mongolia, New Zealand, Norway and Pakistan.




While they do not fit the definition of a Horcrux, as they were not created intentionally using the Horcrux-making spell for the purpose of obtaining immortality, Voldemort has used two other soul receptacles that had similar properties to Horcruxes. In fact, they were so similar that for simplicity Dumbledore told Harry that the fragment of Voldemort’s soul inside him made him a Horcrux, despite this not being the case. Other than the process of creation, the most notable difference is that these soul receptacles do not become dark objects, unlike Horcruxes.


Reconciliation of a Horcrux..

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The creation of a Horcrux could be reversed by its creator by truly feeling remorse, though the effects of this could apparently be painful to the point of being fatal. However, this may be a far preferable outcome than the alternative.


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