Escape |

By: Akash Gupta | Winner, Good English Institute Kolkata

All these days all the same ,
Old faces old names.
A cage for this life and broken wings
Which you get to share with your fellow weaklings...
Undone as always I was,
Trying to escape the consequences and the rust
False memories on the dust
Your voice that always whines
Fake promises committed crimes
Ephemeral vanity
Lodged insanity
Inexplicable glimpses
I am ready to take my chances

I'm gonna loose my way
But that's okay
To find myself .... a new other way !

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  1. I just came across redpaper and this is the first thing that caught my eye…… wonderfully written……truly talented u r akash..😘😘😘

  2. nice effort by Akash, wish him great success as a writer, and hope he will present us with such brilliant lines may times in coming years,
    carry on with your good show, Akash.

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