Despise |

Despise |

By Preeti Vyas |

Moving down the dingy lane,

His mind was coiled in things insane,

Is the world actually the one, he once perceived?

Or the paths are darker than the reefs,

Reality and dreams do they differ so hard,

That his aspirations are subdued inside the slammed card,

Draining hours of toil with the drops of dew,

Now why he is standing there so dumb

In the world, where he thrived, now seeming new?

The figures are passing like unknowns,

The masked identities, the shrouded shadows and the clones,

He once tried to remove the camouflage

But the counter armored with rooted grudge,

Random grey shades have occupied his collage,

Recalling the memories,

Searching through the dust

Did he ever done something so vicious

That deposited the rust?

The praises, the smiles, the warm words and applause

Are they lost or just drifted apart in chaos?

A surge of blood gushed his heart,

Stepping up the lanes was never that hard,

The thuds getting faster as the shutters close,

The last cab has diminished, lights has lost the glow,

The dimming blue reminds him of the dine,

The table they owned, the shimmering glasses of wine,

The ring that he had earned for his soul-mate,

The upsurge of emotions and the revocable date,

Saline water is what the sea bears,

Power of endurance is the ace that he wears,

The pangs of separation, the resentment in veins,

He always wonders,

What would have he done to curb the pain?

The limits are going alarmingly high,

The random clues and the rude sighs,

So, is this the world where he thrived?

Is this the world where he thrived?

Are these the plots, where he had stringed the cords?

Is that the lane, where he giggled with clutched frames?

Were the winds so calm and gloomy then?

Were the leaves pale and drained?

The seizure has him from inside,

The rush of blood is ready to unhide,

For what he think and what he explored,

The world no longer cared,

So why not let it explode.

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