It’s only about a cup of coffee |
Preeti Vyas | Staff Writer, | NIT-Bhopal

What can start over a cup of coffee?

Presumably everything.

It can be a penny less cup, forced upon you by the caring maternal heart, over which the endless talk of your career, dreams and aspirations with the profound tinge of reality begins. The mesmerizing world of fantasy or the bare equations of physics all gulped with a single cup of vigor.

It is an elixir to the drowning eyes of the striving stripling and even the money exchange small talk medium for the ‘kurta dharis’. It has seen the negligence of the strenuous ‘chatur’ busy over notes or the earnest desire of flying birds, for whom the reason of meeting is just a cup of coffee. Whether it is a major policy decision or the chit-chat sessions incorporating the petrol price hike, the declining Indian rupee standard, the saint scandals and even the election grievances, all can turn up over a single cup of coffee.

From a hot dark one to the chilled Choco delight with the outstanding icy toppings in the top and the variegate crust walls, a single cup of coffee has its own designation. The cruelness of grand treat session always ends up with a butter scotch stuffed, extra smooth Coco crust coffee with irritating air-blow straw music in background celebrating the penny less birthday folk’s big day.

Even the free cups at official and unofficial events face the trauma of never ending teasing, boasting sessions. The one placed in the balcony with dripping rain drops and the sway of breeze gets confused with the dreamer’s expeditions to the world of nowhere; the dreamer with boundless potentials, confined boundaries and developing wings. Sometimes the gleaming eyes of the starving child in the roadside stand forces the expensive chilled latte it to splash away from its plastic cup’s lining, as they say.

A cup of it often experiences a proud grasp of the newly placed son’s mother discussing the laurels of their bright child or a tightened grip of a father, whose all efforts to turn a futile artistic mind to a science maniac has proved worth.

How could one forget eschewing the lectures and having a sip of Nescafe compiling the senior-junior sessions, the long epic talk over the system, the flawless talent of the mimicry, the major project discussion or the assignment completions.

A lot more can happen over a cup of coffee. Now stop scrolling and add more taste, texture and delicacy to your cup of coffee, the way you like it with your loved one. So why sitting spare, go and get the hold of a hot espresso or a cold cappuccino and enjoy the multifarious life.


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