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By: Preeti Vyas | RedPaper.in

As all of us are the humble creation of someone – the ultimate power who rest somewhere above or below the land, hidden from ages, whom we term as the God. You know God got dwelled in utmost deliberation when he created one of the characters, in the play he designed. Well, he thought he has made the world full of people, living their characters as he assigned, but what if one of them has a doubt and sought some discernment? What if one of the characters get drifted away from the path and start having nuances, start questioning the goodwill and the order he has maintained for long? What if a person needs a support mentally and physically at hard times? What if a person wants to tell someone stories about the life he lived and speculate together?

He anticipated that there needs to be a person who can handle them all, show rest of the mob a path of wisdom with the reasonable clause and hear them out at the times they need to suggest them the alternatives to proceed. Rationality, prudence, levelheadedness, sagacity, lucidity, wisdom, judiciousness, all have to be there brewed together in a single mind – he thought and added it in ample amounts.

But what if the person whom he is assigning these responsibilities drift away with the rest of the mob? He then felt a need of adding perseverance. He was given a purpose to be strong as a rock, resolute and devoted to his drive. What if he gets the drift by the emotional strings at the hard times and couldn’t have it all rational and logical? So he made him emotionally stable, sturdy, and strenuous. Although he made him hard from the outer layer to perceive and guide them all, he kept something delicate and sensitive inside. He weaved the threads of feelings and emotions in him but asked him to keep it all hidden. Deceptiveness – the creator has always loved to play with it.

He speculated, now as he has made the character with all the qualities he needs, where to place him in the social hierarchy? He then saw a child running in the playground alone, he let fall his character there. He named him a father – who right away embraced the child in his arms.

A great sigh of relief he had that day. His world is now in the nurturing hands of the father.

Feature Image: Oil Painting

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