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Excited about the Hyderabad Comic Con? Bought (and flaunted) the tickets already? Decided what to wear?

If the answer set to the above questions is [Yes, Yes and No], do not sweat my fellow comic bugs, I have got you covered. Following is the list of hand-picked, hassle free apparels that you can buy and continue your PDA for your favorite character!

1. The classic batman tee:

Batman tee

Because you need it as Gotham needs him! Buy it here.


2. The classic Super-man tee:

Superman tee

Are you a bird? Are you a plane? No, you are Super-man. Buy the super awesome tee here.


3. The classic Joker tee:

Joker tee

Why so serious, when you can find a perfect tee here.


4. Hogwarts Alumni tee:

HarryPotter tee

Because, of course you are an alumni, concealing your identity from the muggles till now. Unveil your self by buying this cool tee here.


5. Winter is Coming:

GOT tee

Let’s be simple and straight and buy this to-the-point tee here.


6. The Joey tee:

Friends tee

This gets brownie points as it’s available in every color! Check it out here.


7. The classic Bazinga:

BBT tee

For the love of science! Buy it here.


8. For the manga buffs:

Goku tee

Strong people don’t just go to comic con wearing anything, they buy this.


9. The Pokemon tee:

pokemon tee

Gotcha catch ’em all, starting here.


10. The Pluto tee:


For, old is gold! Buy the super awesome tee here.


We hope we got you covered! Do remember to share your selfies with us using the hashtag #RedPaper_in on Facebook and get a chance to win super cool goodies. 😀


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