Celebrating Hijabs – The D&G Abaya Collection!

I always found hijabs classy! The beautiful, kohl clad eyes behind those veils contain a mystery of their own, they instantly transport me to the fantasy land of the magic carpets and genies!

DnG3Most people think that hijabs are plain black, loose fitting robes that just don’t carry have any fashion impact. As a person who was born and brought up in Bhopal, a city famous for the beghums and the nawabs (Nawab Pataudi: did it ring a bell?), let me tell you, hijabs can be as extravagant as possible. Take a trip down the Chowk of Bhopal and you can find entire lanes dedicated to them. You can literally find any color, fabric and work done with absolutely fine craftsmanship. The price can range from hundreds to lakhs of rupees.

DnG1With the increasing liberalization of women and to exploit the indefinite riches of the middle east (According to a
report by Thomson Reuters, Muslim women are expected to spend $484 billion on clothing and shoes by 2019.), the Italian fashion giant, Dolce and Gabbana, famous for its figure hugging designs,decided to play different this time and launched their first ever line of hijabs. In January 2016, the fashion house announced the launch of “The Abaya Collection: The Allure of the Middle East”. The full collection, which can be seen at Style.com/Arabia, reportedly comes in “sheer georgette and satin weave charmeuse fabrics and include[s] copious lace details along hems.” Among these, some include daisies, lemon, polka dots and rose designs in line with the theme of Spring-Summer 2016 collection of the fashion house, while others are laced and highly embellished! The collection, that comes in neutral hues – luxe black and sandy beige, went on sale this January, and is available at all of the brand’s boutiques in the Middle East, as well as select stores in Paris, London, Milan and Munich.

Have a glimpse of this fashion line and I promise that you would no longer see a hijab as something which is “forced” on the women! This collection reflects the “power of choice” that the women have in its truest sense!

Have a look:

Chic, isn’t it? *Droooooooooool*

Feature Image: arabia.style.com

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