A Subtle Reminder | – A Subtle Reminder
By: Preeti Vyas |

Hard heat waves they bear, shining bright in freezing temperature, pulling a way to smile and laugh out loud when they know any moment can put them in danger, fighting in borders, fighting in cities, fighting in villages for the sake of their countrymen.

Working hard in the fields, growing the food that keeps us alive, dripping his sweat drops and feeding us with sumptuous supply, though he himself sleep hungry sometimes.

Wandering around the globe to catch the source of information to keep us updated, battling with weather and the unjust surroundings, she captures it all and compiles it up on a daily report.

Handling muscles, twisting turning them, struggling with nerves and those intricate structures with utmost care, knowing that he is nothing but an attendant to an alive human specimen, still making earnest effort to keep the life intact to the perishable body any manner he could.

Making earthen pots, so meticulously pouring all her skill in a single piece that she knows will decorate not her house but those lavish villas.

Mending the old pieces of foot-wares, making them fit for the use again, covering the crevices and ending up in a fit wearable piece, knitting up the cracks that may further tear.

Inflating the colorful balloons, putting it cautiously in his bicycle, setting them above in sky but tying them to handle, as he knows the limits of the sky, spreading smiles through the broken teeth as he distributes it.

Toiling her body assisting every single person around her, waking up before the sun wakes up, feeding, inspiring, awakening, rejuvenating, binding and keeping the engine of her family on track, and she knows one day she will get recognized for her selfless doings.

Pulling the cart in any case, either, he is a lean person or a big fat belly, moving them across the streets, making them reach their destinations, carrying them on his barely covered, nutrition deprived body, earning his family a token of living.

Matching the medicines with the list so that the person may not get a wrong prescription, changing drips, working on night shifts, doing her work with utmost passion, and counting on favors she gets in return.

Waking up all night to prepare the matter to be taught to the kids, leaving no single stone un-turned, covering each part of the syllabus, so that his kids shine on the globe with the knowledge that he imparted on him.

Spreading seeds on the lawn to feed those flying creatures with boundless space but bound requirements, as she struggles herself to get those.

Sweeping the dust off the track, making the place around you a heaven depriving it of its refuse, asking for no such appreciable token in return.

Moving around the trails, you will catch those glimpses of selfless work they do without knowing the boundaries of dedication. If you walk aside them, without realizing the essence of vitality then you are nothing but a cog wheel rolling round to count on rotations within the same circle. Define your living analyzing the world around you! Give them the gratitude they deserve! Just give out a smile in return with a humble ‘Thank you’ and remember what they do for you.

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