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By: Preeti Vyas | RedPaper.in

Dear grown up soul,

Hey! How are you doing?
I know you are doing pretty well. After all, I made you stand there upright on your feet by struggle and hard work of years. You would remember how I used to spend endless nights thinking about myself and you – the future me. Yes, the paths you chose were hard for me to decide because I didn’t know then that you will like it or not. Long toiling hours of deliberation over the dilemmas got me tensed sometimes. You know I have spent those moments of contemplation wandering deep into the lands where you have traveled through and are traveling now.

You know, every choice came with an alternative to me. Those alternatives which always land you up in a comfortable zone which everyone dreams to be in. But let me tell you a secret, I have always left those comfortable zones behind. Landing up on the shore was never my idea of living and neither is yours I think? I know you will never divert from this ideology.

You know I have always been lucky to have those people supporting me in my decisions for choosing the best paths at the time of adversities. I know you have not forgotten them and you see them often. People come and go in life but those who are there with you at the time of distress are the ones you should keep closest.

I had in them, those bunch of crack heads mocking at my insanity, loving it and increasing it further. I hope you still have those insane ways of bumping around, playing pranks, screaming out loud those weird favorite track of yours while driving, going all crazy in the first rains, eating while hearing your mind not your brain, laughing around cracking weird jokes which no one gets except you, and so on.

You must have become a grown up by now, overflowing with responsibilities. But I think you still have kept the child alive in you, who wants to play and win all the games that ever existed, who urges for more and never satisfied, who blurts out what’s there inside without coating it in verbosity, who always wants to travel places and feel the winds, who never gives up and tries again and again until he wins, who takes life as an interesting challenge, tackling one at a time, who keeps his pride low but spirits high. I know you have it all there inside somewhere!

I know you are doing great, fulfilling all the responsibilities and duties of yours. But I want you to know if you ever need any help, feel free to think of me in your memories. I may behave like a naïve but you know, I have always been a freaking, finicking, frolicking soul which always want to do everything perfect in life. And that’s how I made you.

Just want you to know that people around you care for you and love you the most. And the world is as beautiful as ever and it will be!

With love.
Your younger self. 

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