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A game of two | RedPaper.in


A game of two | RedPaper.in

By Preeti Vyas | RedPaper.in

You mere words, 
Intertwined thou, 
Why you take away my sleep, 
My free wandering soul, 
My inner peace,

You stir me, 
You like it, 
Don’t you like to do it, so often, 
Going in and out with rhythm, 
Why you tease me, making the harsh, softened,

I know, you like to play with your versatility, 
But, do you know, 
It shakes me up from within, 
Rolling my nerves, 
Arousing, making me swim.

Into a river, the river,

That, you have made so deep, 
The swirls and the rapids, 
When I manage my head above, 
You hit me hard with the fierce winds,

When the winds are not enough, 
You gather your comrades, 
And bring the clouds, 
With all the heavenly fierceness, 
You drench me always, breaking my vows,

Hey, you
Don’t you feel bad, 
Troubling a weak soul,
Which already have succumbed, 
To the valor of yours, your mighty robe.

I tried to fight you, 
Now and then,
But have you ever given me a chance, 
To stand upright and claim, 
That what’s mine, will sing with me, and dance.

Oh, poor I, 
I always end up, 
Liking your charm, 
Forgetting, that you always hurt me, 
Whenever, I try to loose myself into your arms.

But now, 
It has become a game, 
A petty, a silly, game of two, 
You firing me with your camaraderie,
While, I am allowing you to pierce through,


The mere mesh of clashes,
Sometimes, turns me ecstatic,
Sometimes, pushes me down in rue.
Oh, you mere words, 
Intertwined thou.

Feature image: Kung Fu Panda Wiki 

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