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Any land with numerous picaresque destinations and yards of natural splendor serve as an ideal destination for safaris. Going on a safari trip amidst the splendid beauty of nature is a great source of happiness and mental peace. A safari trip in a beauteous land helps you to explore the land’s natural splendor at its best. Parading through the land of marvels, it will seem to be the most zealous experience of your life. It seems as if miles of beauty have been laid in front of your eyes and you can drink it to the lees. The following safari rides in Dubai will leave you spellbound:

The Morning and Evening Desert Safari:  A view of the enchanting sand dunes will leave you mesmerized. The view of the desert under the bright morning sun and in the evening both are equally marvelous. You can hire a hummer which is driven by skilled drivers to go cruising along the desert. If you can go early in the morning or during the early hours of the evening you will be lucky enough to witness the magnificent sights of the sunrise and the sunset. It seems as if there has been a color riot in the skyline and the entire land seems to be drowning in flamboyance. During the evening there are a lot of shows which are being performed by the locals of the place. A show of belly dance by Arabian girls is worth a mention. It is a visual treat to see them perform against the backdrop of the heavenly galore. You can click a whole lot of pictures of the enthralling desert and hog some mouth -watering Arabian cuisine.

City safari: You can also undertake a ride around the city which has a plethora of man-made marvels scattered over its entire visage. It will give you an opportunity to witness the range of the spectacular architect of the city which is filled with swanky hotels, dance clubs, pubs and shopping malls, sprawling water parks, artificial white sand beaches, exhibitions- the city will leave you spoilt for choice in terms of leisure and luxury. You can pay a visit to the Citadel, every inch and corner of which oozes beauty. There are a number of mosques throughout the city which are a proof of a glorious architecture and a portrayal of the culturally profound Arabian civilization.

Dubai Safari Trips will leave you enmeshed in awe .They are the best way to explore every inch of the city and witness its enigma. So the next time you visit the land make sure you go for these safari trips without which your vacation would be incomplete.

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