Chapter4-Places that define Toronto |
By: Preeti Vyas |

Trippy Tuesdays – City Tour – Places that define Toronto |

In last post we talked about the local streets, eating, clubbing and shopping destinations, now we are up to the city’s main attractions. The places which you think of whenever you plan the trip!

This post covers the southeast Toronto and places – Lake Ontario, Toronto Islands, CN Tower, Ripley’s Aquarium and the waterfront. Get ready and brace yourself for the ride!

Peace. Water. Freedom.
Harbor Front – Lake Ontario.


On my very first working day coming back from the university, I boarded the TTC to get a glimpse of the tower from the place where it stands. The more near I got I was amazed by the gigantic thing standing right in front of my eyes.


I tried to capture it all through my camera and rested for a while near the waterfront of the lake Ontario.


Water has always maintained its beauty which got enhanced here by those colorful ferries and boats.


The whole area is the south most point of the city and the harbor front is one thing where you wish to be after spending a whole hectic day at work resting and contemplating life.

There are parks running parallel to the coastline where you can chill out, putting your headphones, and watching the water as calm as ever and those birds frolicking around.

You will get a number of boats and ferry board and leave the shore.


I swear you will get one of the best sunrise and sunset views from here. The waterside airport makes the view even more vivid, you will see airplanes and birds competing each other viewed with a perspective. Undoubtedly, it marked the best place for me to peace out whenever I felt like.


City’s sole identity
CN Tower


The first and foremost place that was in my mind from long before is to be on the top of the tower that guards the city and have a glance on how the world seems like from up there. I have watched hell lot of videos on YouTube to get acquainted with how it’s like to be at the top. Being acrophobic I cannot be more scared and excited at the same time. The view through my suite’s window was enough to urge me to be there.

I got the chance to be there on the top of the Tower and have the view of the city later in the weeks. And I didn’t regret as it was worth waiting. There is this city tour pass which Toronto offers for travelers. It allows you to get into most of those places which I will mention later in this post. I was really lucky to have a great group with whom I traveled it all and lived those places like anything.

When we entered the elevator of CN our ears were numbing. Why won’t they, we were rushing at a speed of 22km per hour? It took us to the top in 58 seconds with the whole city in front of our eyes rolling down at the uncomprehending speed.


There are these few things which you ought to do when you are inside CN.

Lie down on the Glass Floor and freak your acrophobic souls

342 meters above the ground CN Tower owns glass floor to get a peek into the city through heights. Walk, frolic around, freak out your friends – this is a place to do it all. This floor also offers an open vent through the terrace and it’s just too unearthly when you stand there facing the winds coming right there onto your face at a height of 1122 feet above the ground. It becomes fierce as the day sets and the night caves in. Well, that sure will turn you high without any doses.


See the sunset through the LookOut point

Well above the Open Terrace, there is this LookOut point where you get the most scenic view of the city through the panes.CNTower2-RedPaper

We landed up at the time of sunset when the whole city is dipping in shades of the sun as it receded.


Roam around in a circle being in Sky Pod and get to know about the city as a whole.

You want to go higher, they will take you here. 447m high from the city, you cannot even imagine how it feels to be near the sky and see those cars running like toys across the city. Walking round the chamber you will get the whole city in nutshell and if you are good at navigation and spot finding you can trace your steps to every other location you have been to in the city before coming here. Bliss.

Skywalk – Walk through the edges of the CN Tower

Have you ever been to a phase in your life where you feel like you are walking on the edge? If you are adventure lover your excursion doesn’t stop here. CN has this skywalk thing going right over the top of the tower which will definitely make you go crazy the very first time you will see it.



Have a dinner at 360 Restaurant

If you have got a dire wish to dine with the magnificent view, feel free to loosen your grip to the wallet and eat in 360 restaurant. Well, it’s worth it!


If you land there in Canada Day or Victoria Day then you will more than lucky as it’s just mesmerizing to watch all those glistening light from the top when the city sparkles.


Canada day and the lights – View through the Toronto Islands.


Victoria Day fireworks. You never have to miss that.

A marine life lover’s hub
Ripley’s Aquarium

Ripley’s Toronto is one of those three aquariums in the chain put up worldwide.


One of those best places to dive into the marine life. I personally haven’t ever even known about all those varieties of fishes, octopus, sea horses and other marine animals before coming here.

It’s like the moment you step in you dive into your childhood days of fantasy.


Well, this place will definitely bring out the kid in you. You will pass through tunnels under those Sharks and Whales. Sting Rays will cover you and guide your way through the panes. And those jellyfishes will wait for you and then start its game of glitters and shines. Prepare yourself to be amazed by those tiny seahorses hiding and rolling. I definitely assure that you are going to find your Nemo there! Not a single one, but a bunch of those hanging out together.



Peace lover’s paradise
Toronto Islands

If you want to see the city line of Toronto in full this is the place. A combination of three islands connected together, you will get everything in here.


Places to do adventure, a small zoo, good eateries, beer corners, endless beaches, endless picnic areas, those tri-quad cycles. It’s like that place where you can have an ultimate weekend picnic all day long and you won’t get bored a single minute.  Just take a morning ferry from the Waterfront and then you are sorted for the day.  You can have really good beer and food at the restaurant giving the view of the city’s skyline. When you return at night you will be blown by the beauty of the city and those building lit with glistening lights. For photographers, this place is nothing but heaven.


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