Chapter 3-Getting to know the streets |
By: Preeti Vyas |

Trippy Tuesdays – Chapter 2 |

In a previous post, we talked about eateries and all those exotic delicacies at streets. Well, a city’s liveliness lies in its thriving people. You can see that right there in the Toronto’s streets. If you are party lover you just need to end up on these streets with a valid photo ID (Don’t forget that it may cost you a pretty good clubbing night. It happened with us at the very first).

Prerequisites for getting ready for the clubbing night –

– Put your best dresses on. Girls you need to leave those baggy clothes behind and boys, the casuals are sometimes not allowed.

– Get your passport or any other applicable ids. Keep them safe and intact.

– Put your swag quotient high and your liquor level low.

– Don’t keep too much cash on you as you are going to come empty handed anyhow.


CUBE – Queen Street West

Book the passes for here before handed. It will cost you around 10-20$ according to the day. Once you enter inside, be prepared to have a hell lot of crazy bunch of people around and mind-numbing beats to dance.



Nocturne – Queen Street West

Here with the thumping music tracks for dance, you will also get live music at times. You can grab entry here even in your casuals at a really low token amount. If you have your pockets high and dry this place comes to your rescue.


UNIUN – King Street

It’s a newly opened nightclub with a tinge of new and old. The lights, the ambiance, and work on interiors will blow your mind away.


Here, not only the music but the whole place will speak up to you and get you high and dancing. Be prepared to spend some extra bucks if you got in here. As you cannot help it spending lavishly.


That was all about parties. But sometimes, we are in search of peace and a place far from chaos. Well, Toronto will offer you everything wrapped in satisfaction. The city covers a number of parks and gardens where you can play, sit and read books, compose your music, listen to music, rest for a while or join in those random people walking and frolicking around. If you are fitness freak these places are best for jogging and workout. I have been to a few of them and had a really great time.

Queen’s Park

Located in the heart of the city, it has a broader oval coverage of green land. Having a track length of 1500m, it has a vast span of activities going on.


You will find the pro joggers, the volleyball gang, people playing Frisbee, some Japanese elders performing their dance cum yoga sessions, some families having gatherings, old age people talking and cheering up, those small and big squirrels frolicking around, the beautiful tulips blooming in the corners, a number of statues standing there staring at you and more. You cannot contain it all in one go. I often visited it and made a number of new friends.

High Park

Just another place to hike and roam around in midst of nature. You will be amused by a number of birds and creatures around just complementing the nature in its best form. You can move in and join the trekking gang or tuck in with the places and have a seat beneath those trees and tinkering birds. It the best place for arranging a small picnic and gathering. If you are there in months of March-April you will be amused by the spread of those cherry blossoms beautiful as ever. High park is known for its cherry blossoms.









Bluffer’s Park

If you ever feel like enjoying the roof top view of the mainland and then the nature at its best and the water body with the wildest waves, Bluffer’s Park is the place for you. When you are planning to go there don’t forget to put in some beachwear and flip-flops.

Also keep with you a change of clothes as the water you never leave you alone.


You will be tempted to drip in with the rhythmic waves. You will see many families, kids and people roaming around playing sand games. Never hesitate to join them, Canadian will always welcome you anywhere, any manner.



The city is adorned with a number of beautiful, ancient churches. I luckily meet a bunch of people roaming around in Queen’s Park and they invited me to their church’s 10th anniversary. It was just too beautiful to stay in the peace and listen to the proceedings. And believe me, you will find the best desserts and savories at the church services. Good company. Good ambiance. Good food. What else you want?

Grace Church




If you got to live at a place for a while you need to check the streets for the best deals for living essentials. And within the first week, I got to know some really good locations to grab the living essentials at a really moderate price. If you are traveling to a new land you need to buy some gifts for the friends and relatives, and these streets have the solution in hand.

Chinatown – Spadina Avenue

China town is the best location to do all our daily shopping at really cheap rates. If you need to buy gifts and souvenirs in bulk, this is just the place for you. You will get a number of shops lined up with beautiful artifacts and mementos.




Even if you grab a bag-full of items it won’t empty your pockets. You will also get a peek into the thrift stores here, but be prepared to deal with the shopkeepers as they are more of a hippie.

So far, I have covered number of known unknown streets. Now brace yourself for the famous tourist locations of Toronto which travelers seek for.

Chapter 4 will serve you in your screens the CN Tower – sole identity of Toronto, Ripley’s Aquarium –  a hub of marine life, Casaloma – the one and only castle in this region, Royal Ontario Museum, Dundas Square and many more!

Keep reading! Keep traveling!

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