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Chapter 2-Getting to know the streets |
By: Preeti Vyas |

Trippy Tuesdays – Chapter 2 |

You will never know about a place unless you get to know each of its streets, their essence and the elements that makes them unique. A true traveler not only runs after the well-known locations but keeps on searching those serene corners, sneaky getaways, those empty benches and exotic food corners yet to be discovered.

In the very first day, after landing, the city urged me to cover those lanes which I saw while transiting from the airport. So, here you all are going to get a swift ride over the streets which I covered mostly traveling on foot. What a cheap alternative to discover the city enjoying its living without even spending a dime!

When you are in a beautiful city, all you need are good pair of sneakers, a camera, good music, and a person walking aside you, topped with the curiosity for each lane diverging from the square. You know that’s more than enough to get to know a city, its people and its culture.

Toronto is well planned city with parallel lanes and CN tower never lets you go lost. You can always trace your step back with the directions as governed by the tip of the tower reflected upon the buildings. We learned that really fast. One more thing really special about Toronto is it’s densely spread TTC(Subway) lines you can always grab those subways to go through the streets or can follow their stations on roads as landmarks to reach your destinations. We followed the later though, most of the times. Here I am covering few streets with its specialty.

  1. Bloor Street W

In first few days I followed the trails to the nearby streets. Bloor Street is the hub of all those elegant upmarket brand-names that you can ever think of. Zara, Gucci, Prada, Chanel – you name it. For shopping lovers this street is paradise. And girls you are gonna get heavy discounts here in the peak sale times! I got lucky to land there in one.  You may too!

GAP Store RedPaper

Bloor Street RedPaper

Bloor Street RedPaper

Bloor Street RedPaper

Bloor Street RedPaper

  1. Yonge Street

Being 1896 km long Yonge Street is the longest street in the world. Don’t be amazed if you keep walking and reach Ontario-Minnesota border on one side and the vast lake Ontario on the other. Although it boasts four lanes of traffic, downtown Yonge St. carries more pedestrians and transit riders than it does cars. And I was one of those kind who contributed to their numbers. Yonge Street with its vast expense is the hub of number of eateries, clubbing places and bars. But what I will focus on more is the dining places as you won’t find anywhere else. Waking long in the evening hours helped in discovering these places.

Young Street - RedPaper

Eateries on the street with twist:

Ethiopian house

It is one of the eatery where you will find the best Ethiopian food. When you will step in the lane, you will find a small well decorated place with a confined menu but really exotic dishes. Veg food lovers you will have great delicacies too!

Ethiopian House RedPaper

The Captain’s boil

If you are a food lover and if you want to go beyond things, play dirty to have your food, this place is for you. The act of in-taking food may seem weird but when it gets inside you, you are gonna crave for it more. The seafood delicacies have unparalleled taste, even after-taste (Word to be used predominantly from now). Vegetarians can only peek in through the windows and judge, as it’s a full-on non-veg juncture! (Never mind).

captains boil - RedPaper

Shark Club – Sports bar and Grill

You are in Toronto and if it’s Wednesday, you have to have wings at the Shark Club. You can have wings and big pitchers of beer without even losing hold of your pocket. The best deal to get the view of Dundas Square through the glass panes if everything is calm inside and those big TV screens if there is frenzy while a match is going on.

Shark club and grill RedPaper

For the liquor lovers:

Wine Rack

If you an enthusiastic wine lover and have your IDs inside your pocket. Step inside this place to taste the finest local wines of Canada. You can sort them according to your taste, and can have a number of ounces of different tastes and textures before buying one. Trust me you can afford a fine bottle of wine per week and enjoy your weekends!

Wine Rack RedPaper


LCBO stores

You will find a number of LCBO stores in the lane. But keep in mind there are hell lot of varieties of local, international liquor brands and flavors and if you want to get something unconventional you need to have an experienced person to assist you in picking one.

LCBO RedPaper


Bulk Barn – a chocolate lover’s hub

When you come to this place a hidden kid comes out of you pulling out all the favorite candies, chocolates, bars, cookies out from the racks there. You are definitely going to spend hell lot of bucks here to grab as much as you can for yourself and the loved ones.

Bulk Barn RedPaper


Urban Eatery

Located at the Dundas square it’s the best place to gather and eat a heck of varieties. Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Ethiopian, Japanese, Persian – you name it, all varieties are there at the Urban Eatery of the Eaton Centre. Looking at those tropical Sushi’s on the displays, you cannot help rolling your eyes.

Urban Eatery RedPaper



We are still not done here. Next week we will be up with more streets and go for discovering clubbing junctures, places to buy gifts, some old churches and cemeteries and many more. Stay updated at


(Chapter 3 – Getting to know streets – Weekend party stops, Churches, Parks and Living Essentials Getaways – next Tuesday, same place!)

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