Chapter 1 – The Beginning |
By: Preeti Vyas |

Trippy Tuesdays – Chapter 1 |

Travelling is an art that not only lets you explore new lands, new cities, new places around but also the depths and the trenches, unfamiliar places, the mystic lands inside you. It gives you a new perspective to look around, analyze, gain those essence and live it to the fullest.

I was not much of a traveler before. But I always have the urge to go around, meet new people, discover new waters, new landscapes.  And it all came true when I got an offer to travel Canada on an educational trip for three months. The one which turned out to be more of a travel-cum-educational trip.

So here, I am covering it all in The Chronicles of Canada.
Canada – a country you will love and which will love you back even more. I am opening a window for all of you to relive a journey with me in these Chapters wrapping it all. I hope you all will board this flight of elation and exploration by a reader’s mind. Here we go!


The Beginning

When it all started

When I got an offer of this trip last year it’s a big moment of elation for me. There are always first times in life and this was mine to travel abroad.  Travelling comes with preparations and sneak peaks of the things yet to be revealed. So, whenever you want one trip to thrive, you have to have some background processing. Canada is a cold land, often wrapped in thick layers of snow but I was fortunate to travel there in the time (May-July) when it’s having friendly weather where I can get hold of most of it without bearing big fur jacket and snow cheaters. It often rains in this season so I packed my stuff getting hold of the weather conditions there.  When you plan for such trips, don’t forget the quintessential – A camera, a beach dress, a wind cheater, a pair of swag glasses, couple of books, a good wireless speaker, a big bag pack for hiking, a pair of good shoes suitable to all terrains, and a country-rock-pop playlist with those high bass headphones.


Making a checklist to explore beforehand

When you talk about Canada the very first thing that comes in our mind is the city – Toronto. You cannot get off the image of the CN Tower out of your mind and the quintessential skyline of the vast city of dreams.

How can you forget the most magnificent falls in the land – The Niagara?
The horse shoe shaped waterfalls with tons of water flowing in those gigantic falls. Exploring few videos over the internet made me go crazy that I will be there in few days.

The city of Niagara is no more of exception. When I initially went through local blogs I got to discover that there is much to do in Niagara city– The Vegas of Canada.

Another essence of Canadian landscape is its archaic architecture and those magnificent constructions that was done decades ago and still stands proudly in the mainland. Traveling Kingston, Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa got into my list next.

When you talk about southern land of Ontario province, the boundaries of the city with those big lakes are enough to intrigue you and I was no exception. So next goes Lake Huron and Lake Ontario.

I searched for weekly events and marked them on my Calendar. Trust me!  These events bring an unfamiliar level of excitement to your travel which is beyond comprehension.

Putting it all on my to-do list, I was all set to go.

(Stay calm! These all will be covered in upcoming Chapters)

The transit into the main land of Canada and the glimpses of Europe

I booked my journey from Delhi to Toronto via Zurich. Exploring Europe is on my list next and here with the transit I could take a sneak peek to the amazing landscape and one of the best Airports you can ever have to land into.


To Zurich and its beauty

After a long drawn session of take-off and covering the views of sunset and sunrise through the horizons I landed up in Zurich.

zurich skyview-RedPaper

Landing into the mainland of Switzerland, seeing those lands wrapped in greenery and far spread habitation I couldn’t be more elated. I will definitely assure you those magnificent sights from your window seat if you luckily got one. (I wasn’t. I struggled past a Punjabi family to peek in and take this picture.)



The transit time at Zurich was less but eventually got longer due to flight delay. What an upright reason to stay more in a place from where you can see the Alps lurking through the mainland behind the take-offs and land-overs of those Swiss airlines.


The airport was none lesser than a construct of elegantly designed architecture and it got me clicking some moments as the time passed.



I talked to a number of travelers in the airport, those hippies travelling with their funky luggage bags, those professionals in their uptight routine, and some Indian friends who boarded the previous flight with me. Traveling comes with stories and here I started listening and engraving them in my minds. Having a nice European breakfast, I toasted my first glass of local red wine to Zurich and its beauty.

breakfast at zurich-redpaper

Goodbye Zurich, Bienvenue au Canada

It was hard to bid goodbye to the land undiscovered, but I did it with a promise to come there again. So I headed up to Toronto boarding my next flight.


After having a session with a Canadian sitting past me, I got to know more about the cuisine, the local destinations and events lined up in the city of Toronto. Putting subheadings again in my checklist, I landed into the land. Talking to this guy made me even more excited for my whole trip. You can see the excitement right there in their face when Canadians talk about their country. There is no myth when it comes to Canada – Everything is beyond your expectations, people, mainland, places. And at that moment I started experiencing the same. Canada Eh!


Mornings make up the best time to land, you can see the vast expanse of the city guarded by the gigantic tower which you spot on the first when you swirl your eyes. I saw the first glimpse of the CN Tower, Roger’s center and the Lake Ontario before landing.
‘This is where I am going to live for three months’ – I told inner me.
Toronto is the city.

Bienvenue au Canada read the board above me when I stepped out of the airport.

Welcome to Canada-redpaper

(Chapter 2
Getting to know the streets lined up next week. Keep reading.)

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