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By: Preeti Vyas | RedPaper.in

Standing in the long line in the transit airport for an hour now, although it was not a tiring time for her, it was indeed engaging. ‘Boarding for the next flight to Amsterdam will start in 15 minutes’ said the girl dressed in sophistication from heel to head. She didn’t pay attention, her mind was somewhere else. She always had this what if loops running in the back of her mind. Making circumstances out of circumstances which is a part of her extended imagination is what she likes to do often.

What if she drops her passport at the food court and didn’t notice till the last call? Whom will she run to? How will the people around her react? Will they judge her and estimate her personality traits just by the advent of an incident? Or will they sympathize and share their own stories? Or will they just ignore?

What if she misses the flight and got to stay in this unknown city? It would be interesting, ain’t it? Roaming around bewildered, startled with the pace, people and the language. Where will she stay? Will she find the food she likes to eat? Who will be the people she will meet? Will she just roam around on her feet and explore or will she get trapped in rules and customs of the place?

What if she gets stuck in the elevator with a random person and it keeps vacillating? What if she met an old friend having the same sophistication as rest of the others making her anxious? What if a celebrity board a flight and sit next to her making it worse? Which one will be her preference? Does she even like celebrities? What if every activity around her pauses and everyone comes to standstill at the same time? What if a strong thunderstorm shackles the building and the whole surrounding crumbles into a final destination? What if?

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