Trick or Treat | | Short Story
By: Nidheesh Samant |

“Mom, I am ready!”

Jimmy squealed in joy as he called out to his mother. It was Halloween night. For ten-year old Jimmy, it meant that it was one of those rare times he was allowed to step out of the house alone, at night.

“Wait a moment, Jimmy. I’ll be right out.”

Jimmy bounced up and down in excitement as he waited for his mom to come out of the kitchen. He knew she was preparing dinner. Mom stepped out of the kitchen, wiping her hands on her apron.

“Let me see my little monster.”

Jimmy beamed at his mom as she peered at him through her rimmed glasses.

“Jimmy! Where is your costume? You cannot step out without one.”

Jimmy shuffled his feet.

“But mom, I am the scariest in my class. All the kids say so. So, why would I need a costume?”

Mom picked Jimmy up.

“That is not true. My little Jimmy, you are the cutest thing I have laid my eyes on.

Jimmy smiled at his mom.

“Does that mean I need to wear a costume?”

“Yes, it does. Let us check the wardrobe. I am sure we will find you a nice costume to wear.”

Mom carried Jimmy into the bedroom and put him down on the bed. She opened the wardrobe and began going through the clothes.

“So, how would little Jimmy want to play Jason from Friday the 13th? We have the mask here.”

“Umm, I don’t know what that is, mom.”

“Oh yes! You are too little to know all this. Let’s go with a classic white ghost?”

Jimmy squealed with joy.


Mom prepared the white blanket and quickly cut eyes and nose areas in it. She added a smile below the nose. Jimmy bounced about on the bed as he waited eagerly for his mother to finish his costume. Finally, mom held up the costume for Jimmy to see. He clapped his hands in glee. Mom helped Jimmy put on his costume and gave him a last look over. She nodded in approval.

“Now, my Jimmy is ready to go trick-o-treating!”

“Yes, mom!”

She walked him to the front door. Jimmy hugged his mom, took his basket and stepped out of the house, ready for his adventure.

“Jimmy, wait! Remember to be back on time. No coming late. Do not break the rules.”

“Yes, mother.”

“And remember to keep your costume on at all times. You know how most people react when they see us.”

“Yes, mother. I know. I will keep my costume on.”

“And one last thing. If someone chooses trick over treat, be sure to make it quick and not overeat.”

Mom flashed Jimmy a wide grin, her white fangs glittering in the moonlight, an eerie glow in her yellow eyes.

Feature Image: Bloomberg

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