The Questions | – Short Story
By: Preeti Vyas |

How many years can some people exist, before they are allowed to be free? – Sitting in the balcony window sipping his morning tea he wonders. It has been enough for him now, but still, he awaits his source of illumination to drag him out of these walls where he seems, his world lies. But does it? Living in hassle, running through the crowd, chasing those ends which never belong to him. He thinks sometimes – Why he is running so blind amidst the crowd which seems so real? Why is he competing for the things that don’t even matter to him? Why is he spending sleepless nights on the things that cease to please him? Why? Does he even belong to this world? To the slabs of corporate goals, to the calculated profit and losses, to the bars, the graphs, the lines, the limits, the values?

Does he know what impact is his vast strokes on his keyboard doing to the world out there? The world. Yes, the real world which exists beyond his walls. Does he? Why is he hiding his bodily sweat and ideas from his mind from the world, putting on a cologne of fakeness? From whom is he hiding from, from whom is he scared? Is he running because it’s a matter of life and death to him? Or is he running because this is what all are doing?

How many times must a man look up before he can see the sky? – He stares at the sky and walks away. He is not allowed to contemplate in his life. Or does he?

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