The Life Express | – Short Story
By: Preeti Vyas |

Shanaya has been trying to keep with her life for a while now. After few sleepless futile nights, she decided to keep it up back on its pace. Everything is going so fast and she is running behind time now. Assignments, deadlines, her social contacts, public gatherings, it’s getting too much for her to manage by herself. She is always tired and out of breath running from one place to another.  She decided to sleep early today because she has been skipping her scheduled tasks for a while now. It’s time to compensate for all.

She woke up next day at the scheduled time with the annoying alarm. To her amaze, her whole house is a running train compartment. The scenes from her windows are rushing past her as the train is moving forward. She jumped on her toes to prevent her candle stands from falling from the rack. Everything in her house is shaking and vibrating. She needs to rearrange everything before things fell to the ground and get broken. She doesn’t even know what has happened in a day. She doesn’t know where she is going. But everything around her is moving in a direction which she didn’t ask for.

She has to rush to her work as today is the day when she wants to fix it all. But how? Her whole house is moving towards something. She decided to at least get ready and eat but she is nauseating as the pace is not what she would really prefer. She is not a big fan of train rides but eventually, she is in one. Her mind is revolving in bewilderment. Is this a fantasy or the world has now detached her from its part and is sending her away to a faraway land? What is happening? Why is she moving? Why doesn’t the things look still from the window? Is she moving past her friends and her family? Where are they? Are they on the same ride but in the different compartment? Where are the doors? How will she go out? Will the train ever stop at a station?

Suddenly her alarm clock started ringing on the table. She has tapped it so that it didn’t fall down. But it’s still ringing, she is trying hard to turn it off, as the vibrations from the train are not letting her do so.  And suddenly everything becomes calm. The view from the window becomes still.

Its noon and she dreamt again.

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