Sometimes it just happens | – Short Story
By: Preeti Vyas |

‘Do you love me?’ she asked. ‘No! What made you think that? You are self-obsessed, narcissistic lady with whom I am stuck for years’, he chucked as he held her by her waist and they kissed. She snubbed him then and rushed towards the kitchen to look at her cookies being baked. Baking is her passion since the high school and when it comes to Valentine’s week she often gets a bunch of orders from friends and family. She is too good with her cones, colors, and designs. Her cookies and cakes are her piece of arts.

Ray has always been a foodie. She remembers that day when in high school she was sitting outside the class for those cookie sales. He was staring at her from distance for a while. Somehow he gathered courage and purchased all the leftovers. She was happy that the day ended for her and all her cookies and cakes were sold. He sweated to contain all of them in his hands delicately and took them to the nearby class. It was funny to watch him walk, he was way too bulky and loaded with a handful of things. In high school, people used to call him Jumbo Ray. When she cleaned her table and walked by she saw him sitting in the class eating those, all by himself. She chuckled, they exchanged glances and they went on their ways. After that day, she occurred to meet him again in the graduation ceremony. He was struggling with his robe and his cap which apparently seem to be of smaller size. They only exchanged an awkward smile then which is not unchanged after all these years.  However, those chubby cheeks have surrendered for the chiseled jawlines.

Staring at her again across the hallway, when she is holding her hair up with a battered hand and holding a whisk in the other, he is lost in those days. Destiny made them meet again in the same university, in the same class. He remembered the first day when he caught the hold of her in those front seats.  She didn’t even recognize him at first but then they pitched into laughter.  That laughter which continued for years.

Nothing much has changed now, but now they have a house, a backyard, a puppy and they are married. Smell of cookies and cakes fills the house and love fill their hearts.

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