Snubbed yearnings |
By: Preeti Vyas |

And she opened a new book today. She is still confused whether to call it a new or an old one. Because it was lying on her shelf for too long, but undiscovered. From years it was sitting there on the top shelf of her book rack covered with thin layers of ignorance. She often tried to take it out, put it on her table, to read it someday. But often it was tossed somewhere after reading a line or two and in few days it was back in the rack.

But today was different. It was one of that day when she feels like secluding herself from the surroundings, from the boundaries of obligation. She felt like picking it up. Resting on her couch, with her firm hands she opened it and gave it the warmth of her palms. She felt as if she is resting on her couch after so long. She doesn’t even remember a moment in the past when she has felt that comfort of the furniture. Although, she usually sits around while straining her eyes through the laptop screen. But today she didn’t do it. Rather she tossed all her gadgets away. Sometimes, it’s good not to have them at all. They surround you in a cubicle of a limited vision, cut you from the world and its beauty. Sometimes, it’s good not being a socially aware soul but a socially enlightened one. Sometimes, it’s good to cut the chaos of the world and land in the chaos of your mind. These books serve it all for her. They take her places even if she is in a cubicle. And today, it’s the day to take an escape.

She ran her fingers through vintage leather cover with the elevations and the grooves and slowly landed up in a mystic loop which she has overlooked for so long. That’s the part she was missing until now – Getting lost in woods of phrases.

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