Snow Storm | – Short Story
By: Preeti Vyas |

Winds are getting fiercer today. She is alone sitting in the corner of the street, her usual place to be in. Her eyes seem inquisitive as if she is searching for someone whom she couldn’t find. She is looking closely at every face passing by as if she has lost some familiar ones. But the chilly winds and snow are making it way too difficult for her. Snow is all over her blanket. Blanket, the tattered one which someone gave her last week when she almost froze to death in the snow storm. She is swallowing it all with the sip of the coffee which someone generously kept aside her on the lanes. Shivering, still considerate, she is looking at every pair of eyes which crosses her.

It seems she has suffered a loss. The one which cannot be deciphered by those people who are walking on the streets with their capitalist eyes and hands loaded with shopping bags. The festive season is only for the lucky ones she must be thinking. She was once lucky too. It’s all about the turning fortune cycles in which she is trapped here in this part of her life.

Dragging her blanket away from that street she starts walking into the direction of the storm. When life wants to give you pain and sufferings, you fight against it with all what you have. For she has the tattered blanket but unwavering will to live, she is definitely going to make it through the end of this storm stream.

Feature Image: Videezy

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