Sky People | Short Story | – Short Story
By: Mercy Sangma |

In 1982, seven “sky people” visited me in my room after mom read me my bedtime story. I was awoken by their distinct whispers. “Hello, little human”, one of them greeted me, “Apologies for disturbing your slumber but we need to talk”. I learned that they formed their group to secretly travel to Earth to find honest children. Each one of them nicknamed themselves according to the planet they came from: Jupi, Mercure, Urani, Sature, Neptu, Venure and Marse. “We learned that your planet will be soon connected like ours. You’ve had too many wars and this made us finally share the ‘Link of truth’ with your government!” Jupi said. “I heard you are naming it ‘Internet’. “It’s a chance to think as one planet via reality! But our link is centuries advanced than your sprouting one. We choose to appear offline to you, hence our planets look lifeless from your telescopes”, Marse explained. “What do you want me to do?”, I asked. “Come with us!” They projected each of their home planets before me and asked me to choose my new home. “We pick children who don’t lie to protect them, should the link of truth destroy Earth by creating another global war instead of uniting it. A child like you does not deserve such future. Don’t worry, shall we see the link working well to linking this planet to peace, we will return you here. So, which planet? Note that we only ask once and never again”, Urani asked. I decided to decline because I didn’t want to leave my mom alone. “We believe it’s an honest decision. We bid farewell”, Urani said calmly. “Wait, how do I know that the link of truth is about to destroy us?”, I asked. “When it becomes a link of lies. False information spreads and hate arises. Faltering reality. Inspiring confusion and chaos.” Urani smiled. A blinding light filled my room and they were gone. The seven sky people never came back.

Feature Image: The Telegraph

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