She who lives | – Short Story
By: Ayush Verma |


The plan was in place, 5 years after graduation they had finally agreed to go on a trip. All the bookings had been made, the itinerary after an intensive research finalized. Everything, except Ayesha’s leave application at work. They were going to have to bite the bullet on this one, they were right at the heels of the trip date.

Always particular about her work and schedule, Ayesha would’ve not missed work to go on the trip. And the possibility of her missing the trip now seemed increasingly likely. But by some weird luck and a fortunate turn of events her schedule cleared up and her application finally got accepted.

Her first vacation since she started working, her first real trip. She had no idea what to expect from a nature trek in the hills and didn’t particularly have very high expectations.

The trip was planned around a secluded Nature camp accessible only via arduous trails from the nearest city. The group started trekking before dawn to give themselves an appropriate time of arrival at the camp. It was midway through the trek when the wilderness finally took over Ayesha and she realised how she was in for a beautiful experience.

The snow clad mountains in the distance and just serene setting of the trail that led through a vast canopy of indigenous trees and plants was a sight to behold. The sheer beauty of nature engulfed her in its simplicity. She was on that trek, a part of nature.

Later at the camp site, right at dusk all of them sat around the camp fire and witnessed what was one of the most enthralling sunsets they’d ever witnessed. The calmness and just the smell of nature had an intoxicating feel to it. To just sit and admire the complex simplicity of something is a life changing experience that Ayesha felt lucky to have experienced.

She realized there was more to life than just existing. It was to live and feel beyond our basic lifestyles, to dream and find those dreams on our travels. She finally lived her name as “She who lives”.

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