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By: Deepanshu Chhabda | Guest Post

Well she exists, I know, We hold hands, she can come close, I can stare, she can stare too. There is something, we’re not sure.
We define peace, I know her secrets.
But sometimes I get confused how to reach for the bond we share. I can’t call her my friend, she is more than that. Our chats have no sense. I’m sure that we have a unique ‘something’.

Can’t name it. It’s sacred. That’s it. Call logs are always above 45 minutes.
There is more silence than words in those calls. Then, what’s the perfect term for this thing?

I’m helpless now.

You can’t be that much close and comfortable and remain unnoticed. People talk, that’s just part of bullshit. You should avoid the nuisance from outside but you can’t keep your ears closed.

Can’t resist her, just can’t. I know her darkest secrets, I’m well aware of her thought process, I’m capable of absorbing her stress. She lightens her up by just conversing with me. I observe pretty much everything about her. I remember everything about her.
There are times when we need to see each others face. We have tried to sort us out. But it always ended up in something else.

She had her own world before. We talked, we laughed. It was normal. But phase changed, I was there when she needed someone to listen. She was there to let me know that I over-think, that world will not fall without me, that I can live according to me. She made me a better human. I was in her world now. So we too needed time. In fact she needed time for me from her life. But she too lives in a mess.

There are some odd things that we have in common. I know her limits because I know her past now. I know she is weak right now, but from outside she is different or tries to be. There is guilt, there are confusions, and then in between we exist. We can’t name it, but it’s there.
I’m sure because when I try to hold her, she comes to me. I’ll reach for her hand and a moment after, it will be there in mine. So yes we’re in ‘something’, but can’t name it.

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