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By: Preeti Vyas |

He was walking along the streets. His mind lost somewhere in another dimension. Crossing the lanes, subconsciously moving with the crowd. Following them blindly. His playlist has ended. His earplugs still intact hanging there, wrapping around him, deceiving the people passing by. He was walking. Thinking along the scrolling memories. His life has got a lot to be taken care of but does he?

He has given up his hope to mend things. He doesn’t think he can make them better now. He doesn’t know if there is anyone who believes that he can, not even him. Why is he walking then?

He kept following the crowd and ended up in a harbor front. The setting sun has a glare covering the whole city with a golden hue. He sat there, dipped his feet in the water. Chilling cold water. Unexpectedly it gave him relief. He repeated his chain of thoughts and decided to pause it all. He took a long breath and blow it all out. He played around with the ripples coming at him.

Keeping aside his bag, he finally took his earplugs out. Voices. All of them rushed to his ears. Birds over the poles, blow horns from the boats, engines roaring at the back, and the waves hitting him over and over. He lifted his legs and rested his head on the bag. The sky seemed too colorful now. Where were those colors before, he wondered. He picked up his diary. He crossed his legs and started reading the notes that he wrote for himself. This is the part of life when he wants to feel what it’s like to be himself. To remind him what he was, to make himself aware of his being. To be him. He got lost again, but this time he was aware of himself.

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