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By: Nidheesh Samant | RedPaper.in

Alessa sat back in her chair comfortably. She wiped clean her glasses before wearing them. She peered at the visuals in front of her.

A tall slender lady was the show opener. Dressed in an elegant blood red gown, walked the ramp with a certain aristocratic air about her. Alessa had always been quite enamored by royalty and the aura of opulence. She watched the lady disappear. An equally aristocratic model took the ramp next. She had pretty much the same the same aura about her. She wore a white dress that almost shone. Alessa watched her walk in the same way as the lady in red had. She suspected they were twins. After the model in white disappeared the show was taken over by a group of ladies dressed in golden and yellow hues. However, unlike the twins that had walked before them, these ladies were dressed in casuals. But, to say that they looked any less appealing than the twins just because of that, would be wrong. At first glance, Alessa thought the dresses looked pretty much the same. But, as she concentrated on each model individually, she could notice subtle differences like the hues and the patterns on the clothes. The models went back in. The show continued with another group of ladies wearing similar pale white dresses. Alessa noted that the first dress was completely white, but the dresses worn by the models that followed were almost exactly the same, other than colored borders. Each of the dress had a different color for their borders – brown, light green, orange and pink. These were followed by a group of models wearing deep orange and orange colored dresses. These in Alessa’s opinion were never for her. They were quite bold and strong choices, something Alessa stayed away from. The models that came in after that were dressed in extravagant dresses of a mixture of colors, which not only looked fresh and appealing but were also somewhat eccentric in nature. They looked pretty, but Alessa preferred sticking to the classics. The show was now over. Alessa tilted her head back, thinking about it.

“Have you made your choice, ma’am?”

Alessa sighed and turned back to the person who was smiling at her, waiting patiently for her answer. The show had been great, making it difficult for her to make up her mind regarding which was the best. But, Alessa knew what she wanted.

“Yes, I would like to have a glass of red wine, please.”

Alessa smiled back at the waiter and handed back the menu card.

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