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By: Preeti Vyas | RedPaper.in

Public gathering is not her thing since the very beginning. She is more of a person who enjoys her own company for endless hours rather than seeing all those familiar unfamiliar faces. But sometimes there are those stances when she tries to stick to the moral obligations to take a taste of some social life. Today was one of those days. She was sitting in the corner of the room flipping pages. Even in these places, she considered books as her safest bet. Drinks, talks, clatters was all over the place. The whole room was alive in activity, although she barely knows people there except few who are close friends. She is just having a taste of a chill bright night from the calm corner with those weird encounters of eye contact with this random guy sitting in front of her in distinct sight.

Staring at each other awkwardly for a while now. These kinds of situations do not fall under her comfort zone. From the particular corner, she doesn’t really have a choice. He smiled after a while and she responded back with a forced one. She cannot help it. Judging a person takes the time you cannot smile back at a random person. It’s not meant to be. Let’s switch back to another place she said to herself, its time. She fixated her eyes on those pages.

‘Hey!’, he said coming right in front of her. ‘Haven’t seen you in years? How are you?’ Startled as she is always, ‘Hey, I am good’, she replied. His face does remind her of someone though. ‘You left the city abruptly, I have got no news from you. I really miss those gully cricket times. You were the safest team bet’, he continued. Cricket? Her mind reversed back those multiple years to the time when she used to be the best player in the colony. Smashing windows, running away, kicking out stumps, cheering, screaming. She was a social person too, back in school. Hard to imagine though. Oh, yeah. She remembers his face now. This time the smile was not forced. Moral social obligations were not a thing back then. Maybe she has grown too old. She chuckled and dwelled into the past.

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