Never Alone | – Short Story
By: Nidheesh Samant |

“Blueberry would be good, I feel. “ Hiten remarked.

I blinked. It certainly looked appealing.

“Naa. I think you should take vanilla, it’s a classic. Besides, it’s cheap “, Manyu stated.

Well, he had a point. I was a bit low on cash and vanilla would help me save thirty rupees. It had been ten minutes in the ice cream parlour and I still could not seem to lock in on an option. However, I needed to move fast.

“Very well. Uncle give me a single scoop vanilla in a cone. “, I told the man standing at the counter.

He grunted and turned around to fetch the scoop. Manyu was satisfied with my choice. I paid the man the fifty I owed, as he handed over the cone and receipt to me. I began having my ice cream, slurping it up. Vanilla was always nice. But, I wondered how the blueberry flavor would have tasted.

“I told you. You should have picked blueberry.” Hiten said, knowingly.

I decided that I was going to have blueberry the next time. I checked my watch. It read 18.30. I realized that my class was going to begin in half an hour and I really needed to hustle. Reaching Andheri station, I checked the main indicator. It showed a Churchgate train would be arriving in a couple of minutes. I considered running for it.

“Yes, it will be thrilling and fun to run at this time – Dodging commuters and finding gaps. It would be like a movie sequence.“- Hiten said, excited at the prospect of a dash.

“Come on. It is a dangerous thing to do and you know it. You are going to annoy people. Besides, there is always a chance of getting injured. A railway station is no place to be running around“, retorted Manyu, ever the logical one.

It was fun versus safety. It looked like it could be possible. I made a break for it. Hiten was exhilarated. Manyu grew alert of the throng of people at the station -potential hazards. I weaved and zigzagged to the platform. Huffing and puffing, I made it to the train just as it was about to leave the platform. I managed to push through the crowd in the train and got in. There was barely space for a single person to stand there.

But, that much would suffice, for Hiten and Manyu forever resided within me – My heart and my mind.

Feature Image: Christopher Street Extension

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