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How can I unstring the pain that I gave her? The sadness that surrounded her, she did not deserve it.

She deserved everything special.

Everything pure, like the smile of an infant. Everything beauteous, like the sunset, the glimpse of orange that covers the sky, with birds heading back to their dwellings’, chirping and the cool breeze.

She deserved this.

But there she sits, in front of me, staring at the pages of Nostalgia, a journal that she gave a name. I gave it to her as a present, when I proposed her. It held our memories and revived them every time we had a glance. Pictures of our crazy moments, notes that I used to leave for her, poems that she wrote for me. It had everything.

Everything wondrous that ever happened to us.

Now, she is looking at it. Her eyes, that are saddened now, were the most love-some. Every time she looked at me through her grey, bright and picturesque eyes, I had a fall. A fall that didn’t hurt me. A fall that people desire. But what I didn’t know was that the fall was simultaneous. And that was questionable?

I wondered, why did she fall in love with me? She is way more beautiful than I can ever imagine. Her skin glowed like the diamonds tinkered in light. Her hair, with hues of brown, bounced like the river made its way through the mountains. Her face, the comeliness of which cannot be illuminated.

I believed that she deserved better than me. But every time I asked her, she insisted that she saw everything that she ever desired in me. She made me smile. Though at times I failed her, but she never stopped believing in me. There were times when I thought of leaving her and asked her to move on. But she always held my back, “My world lies within you” She whispered.

I never thought moving on could be painful. I took it as a game. You lose it, you can try again.

And then I left her. I couldn’t help her. I acted selfish and did it. That was the first time I saw her eyes in tears. But those droplets of water filled with a lot of emotion and love for me, could not stop me. The role that I had to play in her life has come to an end.

But, I promised her that I will always be around her. I will always be watching her and she kept on crying. I didn’t stop. All this time I kept my promise.

Every day, I sit beside her and see her, gazing and turning the pages of the journal. Her eyes filled with tears, the ones I cannot stop. I ask her to move on with her life, stop troubling her eyes, but she doesn’t seem listening to me.

Seeing her everyday has made me realize how difficult can it be to move on. It is not like that she never tried. But every time she tried, she left a part of her behind.

I sit every day in front of her, trying to convince her to not love me more.

I try to talk to her every day. I try to tell her that death was not my choice nor I could have avoided it. But I fail. Every time. Spirits cannot convince life.

I sit everyday with wishes, hoping if they can come true. As I wish if I could support her, make her smile again.

I wish I could make her see the rain,

I wish if I could be alive again.

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