Man from the Moon | – Short Story
By: Preeti Vyas |


He landed from the moon for her. He used to say often. And she smiles her way through it. He was good enough for her to hear all her stories of her dreamy land. And she was good enough for her to drive away his clouds of loneliness. They were perfect for each other but the times were bound.

Once in a fortnight, he used to visit her in the tower against the sea. The ocean used to roar when he comes. The sky used to open up spreading away the gloomy dreams. The waves become fiercer, the trees shake their branches, when he used to open the door of the entrance and take her into his embrace.

She never used to leave her house except for this one day when he promised her to meet in the hidden sea behind the meadows. She didn’t know that it even exists. Until then she used to search for her peace in the blues of the painting hanging in her room. But one day this miracle landed into her balcony.

He abruptly came to her when she finished her landscape in the ninety-seventh canvas. She doesn’t know who he is, where he comes from, what he does. But one thing she knows that he is the harbinger of peace in her soul. A subtle reminder of herself in her body.  They talked a lot that night, and she got to know about her voice too. It sounded good.  She hasn’t heard her voice till then. Nobody did. Then talked for hours under the far-spread sky. He then took her to that place of his.

Besides the meadow, she saw the shiny moon that night glistening in the sea. There was sand which was damp and cold. She walked barefoot and felt it all in her. He took her to the top of the tower and they talked about the moon and the stars. He told her that he will meet her here once in a while. And after a long night, she found herself back in her room.

From then she always waits for the days to pass. Because to the world, she is voiceless but for the man from the moon, she isn’t.

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