Managing Fatherhood | – Short Story
By: Ayush Verma |


Raghav Sharma, Site Manager.


Once upon a time, there was this man. He believed in working hard and being able to provide for his family. This was the only thing he truly believed in. Motivated by the need for him to give his children everything that he didn’t have growing up, he worked tirelessly day in and day out in a construction company as the site in-charge.


Never taking a day off, toiling to providing for the people he cared for the most, he ironically grew distant from them. He did his best by being their guardian but not enough as their father. Never being able to give them enough time, hardly ever doing things as a family. Work always took precedence over home.


After almost 10 years, he was forced into taking a leave of absence from work to attend his younger brothers wedding, obligation you see. Unable to book tickets they decided to drive to the wedding, a days drive from the city. The excitement in the eyes of kids was something that Raghav wasn’t very familiar with but something he really needed.


Having planned to leave at dawn he decided to wake up the kids on time only to discover that they had been up for a while planning and packing all the essentials for their road trip. This was the happiest that he had ever seen them. A timely reminder of what he was missing out on in life. On their way he did everything his kids asked for, from getting them their favorite breakfast to even participating in car games with them. This was the happiest that he had ever been, singing and eating and just simply being with his family.


Then the realization struck him – what his kids needed the most from their father was his time. The road trip acted as a catalyst in transforming him from their guardian to their father, who now strove hard to share more of his time with his family. And from that day onward, they lived happily ever after.


Raghav Sharma, Father.

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