Love at first sight | – Short Story
By: Ayush Verma |

“Are you sure about this? That you want to attend this specific college? It is 2 hours commute daily, by the metro!”

Vishal was sure about the college but wasn’t so sure about the distance. The initial 6 months were excruciating, he hated it. There was no better way to describe it, he simply hated it. From getting up early to reaching home late it started taking a toll on him.

Listening to the music was not much help especially when you’re tired and travelling with hundreds of other tired people in a crowded coach. The dreaded clocks seem to stop, each station a hundred miles apart. The journey was never ending. That was until he learned to see and not just look. He started writing a blog. Everyday he’d write on someone he saw on the metro and within months the blog gained a substantial reader base.

He didn’t talk to people, neither did he take photos. He just looked around and whoever fascinated him the most he’d write on them.

A Father-and-daughter duo covered in glitter was his first muse. They probably were making their way back from a kid’s birthday party. In them he saw the bond between a parent and a child, the father had a glitter tattoo on his face – which his daughter scribbled on him – and he was proud to show it off to a crowd without and embarrassment or shame. This according to Vishal was the most innocent form of love.

Another time there was a man tired of not receiving a signal on the underground network. He was particularly upset until he did get a signal and the first and only thing he did was video call his wife suffering from the flu and on a day off. The unfathomable joy when he first got to see her – was for Vishal, another definition of love.

And this was the journey Vishal started looking forward to each day, as he spent the most fulfilling two hours as a commuter. As the time flew by, Vishal observed that the coach full of people whom he initially perceived as tired and unhappy was actually a bunch of eager hearts, restless to reach their loved ones. Each face had its own story, waiting to be unveiled. Discovering new definitions of love, he anonymously kept writing. He often found people on the metro, deeply engrossed and smiling while reading his blog and that for Vishal was his little stash of love which he received via their mobile screens. And so, he kept observing, he kept writing and he kept falling in “Love at first sight”, which obviously was also the name of his blog!

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