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By: Mercy Sangma | Guest Writer | RedPaper.in


‘Could this be my worst nightmare happening?’

He traveled through a barren land– twelve days without food and an endless sea of desert. The hot sun seemed relentless and with nowhere to take shelter, there seemed to be no hiding from it. The sun pricked his skin;  like the sand under his feet. He was beginning to regret trying.

Why did he choose to leave the comfort of his home in pursuit of a miracle? Why didn’t he settle for what he had? He was miles deep into the wilderness, a few meters away from his grave he thought. His doubts are slowly gnawing at the little hope he had.

Just as his tired feet were about to fall into surrender, a gnarled tree appeared before him. Its trunk stood proudly amidst the fiery sand; its roots creeping deeper into the earth.

Before him stood a miracle; for the tree’s green leaves lit ablaze without burning. His throat craved painfully for the water dripping from the branches. He longed for it, he may even die for it.

But he was afraid of the fire.

He turned away and went on. He didn’t look back but he never forgot the tree. He had found his miracle but he was too afraid to make it his.
“Is this my nightmare? When will it end?”

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