Language of Love | – Short Story
By: Ayush Verma |

Noor and Avi never really talked but spoke to each other. Growing up together at St. Mary’s Orphanage they were bunked next to each other. But as they grew older they stuck by each other, helping and supporting through everything.

Avi born with a defect which impaired his speech and hearing abilities relied on Noor to help him communicate with everyone. In all their time together the two had worked out a set of signs and symbols to speak with each other and with others. Noor was his bridge to everyone else, and everything, and the world.

When parents came to the orphanage Noor and Avi would get most of the attention but never a family. They would be amazed by these two beautiful souls but just as they realized that they couldn’t be without each other, rationality struck and they decided otherwise. At times, parents would go up to the sisters to discuss if they could adopt Noor but the answer was a straight NO, no one or nothing could separate those two they just had to be together.

After being home schooled at the orphanage they went out to college to study astronomy. The love for which they picked up on their roof top adventures where they spent their evenings, reading books and playing games. The stars, their existence and how a dark night made them shine the brightest, the journey of stars was something that fascinated them. They both just lost themselves in the stars, eager to grow and learn.

Noor always stepped up and helped Avi whenever he needed it and even when he didn’t. She looked out for her best friend, helped finish his assignments and teach him concepts in their special language. Avi in return did the same whenever Noor needed help, there were no barriers to communication between them even with Avi’s disability.

And while realizing their love for stars in their own language of love they realized that,

”Sometimes if you’re lucky, you find out that your soulmate was disguised as your best friend the whole time.”

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