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By: Ayush Verma | RedPaper.in

This story is inspired by and is a tribute to Aaron Feis who lost his life in the Florida School Shootings.

Final play of the game with the scores tied 17-17,  Ethan up stepped as the star quarterback. Running the final play Ethan hurled the ball down field towards Jake, 10 yards of the line. The field cutting ball was judged to perfection and was an easy catch and score for Jake. Dumont High had won the inter division school tournament, all thanks to their new Hero, Ethan Dias.


15 years after he had won his high school football team the championship, Ethan was back where he started. As a coach for the football team, as a mentor to the students or just the quintessential footballer who wore sunglasses even when he was inside. Ethan’s effect was felt over the entire school, he was the go-to person for all sorts of advice and everyone loved him.


Like with most of her dilemmas Susan thought of consulting with her favourite teacher, Ethan. They discussed a game plan for Susan, on how she should approach Dylan now that Valentine’s was just a day away.


On 14th of February, during the last period Ethan sat out with Susan going over her plan once more. Just when they heard the fire alarm, he calmly suggested Susan to follow the protocol and make her way to the foyer. He then made his way to the main building where the alarm had set off.


They’d had a fire drill the same morning so he knew something was not right. He then heard gun shots emerging from the B-wing and rushed towards it. Evacuating all the classes in the wing he kept looking, trying to save each life that he could. He cautiously tiptoed towards the sound of the gun shots. Just as he made his way to foyer he came face to face with the shooter aiming at the kids who were trying to take refuge.


Ethan tried to distract him and buy time for the students to make it out. Susan, getting the cue started gesturing to all the students towards the escape route. Ethan who had the teenage shooter engaged in a dialogue, suddenly saw him aim at Susan. Without hesitating, thanks to his fantastic sportsman reflexes, he jumped to knock off the shooter but the bullet had been fired. Susan was safe outside with the students.


This time as well, when he left. The star quarterback left as a Hero.

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