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Part One.

Winds were blowing fiercely after the rain, she just set her table for gathering it all. She has never liked packing. It was always a battle between what to choose what not to. These small choices have always occupied her brain, fighting small battles in between now and then. Age even didn’t cure this issue of hers. She sometimes wonders is she actually a grown up? All dressed up in corporate attire, sitting the panels, roaming around to lead groups, making a hard decision for the organization. But here stuck with these miniature ones.

Being a corporate lead, she paid much for what she earned, physically and mentally. She has to drive all the way from her home in the countryside to her head office in downtown.  Although she has been traveling back and forth for long. But after all these years, a major loss made her decision to shift at a house nearby his workplace. She has always been a girl of primitives. Living in between the land far away from the hustle retained her life’s balance, she used to say often.

She wanted to shift it all at once. But she couldn’t. Choices. That too between those elements of memories which were there around her for so long. The old rocking chair on which her father used to sit, the big dining table with all the collectibles from various places that her mom has gathered for decades, the sitting, the furniture, the paintings, the art forms and the list goes on. How can she forget the whole area around her house adorned with the plants that were gifted by her to her parents each passing year? She won’t probably have an open area at her own house so that she could shift them. Even if she could, will she be able to relive the past?

She struggled with the strings of hers, attached with the materialistic, movable, and immovable instruments of reminiscence.  

Part Two.

It has been a week when she signed the contract for the new house. No doubt it’s a mansion with all the luxurious amenities that one can have. She earns well enough for that. But the week passed and she hasn’t yet picked a date when she will be finally moving out to her new life in the city.

The city is a synonym for chaos for her. She was only able to manage it out because of the passion for her work. The noise neither pleased her nor her parents. So they made their home far away from the speed of the transcending lifestyle.

She has always been a girl taking decisions on her own, and her parents never barred her. When she gave up on the concept of marriage then also, they supported her. And one couldn’t prove to be a great daughter as hers. A single child, taking care of all their needs for years, having them around all the times when she returns from work, she has almost forgotten what it is like to have a life on her own.

But in the further years, as the time passed, her mother progressively got severely ill. She took her peace after a year-long fight with her diseased body. She cannot forget the day when she was discussing some official papers with her dad and then she didn’t hear back from him. His voice does ring in her ears now and then and loneliness caves her in. The balance that used to make her life stable for all those years, started dwindling since then and she knew when it reached beyond the threshold. One day while leaving her office, she passed a note to her assistant to search for a place to live nearby her workplace.

Even after firmly deciding on the facts she couldn’t cut her strings to the home where she grew up, from a toddler to the responsible lady. Her leave was going to the next day, she just had one night to handle this. The winds were taking control and she couldn’t help but sleep. She slept on the couch aside the windows with the winds drifting her hair away.

Next morning she drove back to the work. On her desk were the papers of her house and in her front door was a lady who was there to ask for funds for opening a boarding school for the disabled. She called her in and ordered two cups of coffee.

Hours later, the lady walked away with a big smile on her face. Both of them felt a sense of relief that day. She can always visit her home, have the share of her memories and enrich them further. Although she was moving to a new house, she got to keep her home!

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