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The Closet | – The Closet
By: Preeti Vyas |

‘That loose gray shirt again? What sins I have done?’ a voice came, paling around in the corner of the closet. ‘Oh! You have no choice to utter a single word! At least you go out of the closet once in a month! Think about me I am lying here since years! Every single time whenever a big bag is dragged into the room, I am thrown out in the bed. I breathe with some hope that one day she will have a glimpse over my magnificence, over those vibrant shades and the sleek cuts. Over those finely finished embroidery lines in the soft translucent cloth. One day!’, ‘I was overly glad when she picked me up searching from the fine range of similarities, but since then I am overlooked as if I am rug!’, another sighed . ‘That happened to me too, when she was at high school, she was impartial! Now some things have caved inside her mind. Things have changed between us!’ one squeaky voice muttered from the bottom. ‘Why she is ignoring the bright shades of mine? Doesn’t she look like a blooming flower right there from the spring, when she wears me! Her mom likes me but not her! Maybe she has limited her company to those dark shades of dullness and gloom! Is there anything wrong with her?’ ‘I think she has grown up now! And she doesn’t even remember us!’

A lot of mumbling continued behind the door which succumbs to nothingness when Tanvi rushes in and opens the closet. She seems in a hurry today and her hair are unexpectedly mended up in a proper bun unlike those wild locks which she has all the time. She looks different today but still the same in her demeanor. Opening the closet she throws them all on the bed. Scrounging through the pile, she finally picked up a dress.

‘This is the day’, she said to herself. She cleaned the dust out of the box kept below. Grabbing the heels in her hand, she tiptoed down the stairs.

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