Chasing Storms | – Short Story
By: Ayush Verma |
5 in the morning, cruising down ocean drive in his 57′ Chevy, Dave had only one thing on his mind and it wasn’t the iconic view to his left but the dense cloud formation a mile off the coast of Fort Lauderdale.

The song on the radio, ‘How I wish you were here’ perfectly encapsulated how he felt on this long drive. He couldn’t wait to get there, he never could when it came to storms. Ever since he was a young boy he’d go out chasing storms from running around his neighborhood to cycling around his town he could never not experience a storm.

By the time he was 18 he had saved enough money from working at the gas station to buy his first car, albeit a second hand Chevy pick up truck but for him it was the best car in the world. It could get him in and around storms faster than ever. So, on the last day of his summer break as soon as he heard on a distressed radio signal about a cloud formation over Fort Lauderdale, Dave got into his Chevy and started chasing it.

On the passenger seat was his father’s video camera and a makeshift anemometer that he learned how to make in a workshop class. It wasn’t very technical but did just enough when it came to gauging wind speeds. Driving along the Florida coastline, with Lite FM bursting out the best tunes of the summer.. Dave made his way into another storm possibly his last before he’d go off to college to major in thermodynamics and atmospheric physics.

Just a mile off his destination, the weather started changing drastically with a morose feel to it all. The gloomy grey skies left a deep dark impression on the neighboring town which at that time of the day was unknown by the residents. Dave knew this wasn’t going to be by any means just another storm so before going off to record the event he called in the authorities informing them of the dangers this storm could influence on the town.

With necessary arrangements being made by the authorities to ensure the safety of the citizens, Dave went off to cover the storm on his camera. At 5.45 AM, followed by a roaring sound from the sky seemingly indicating a cloud burst.. rain, relentless and devastating rain rammed down on the town. The rising sea levels were now a threat, the entirety of the beach was submerged by 6.30 AM and fast heading for the town.

The impromptu sand bag arrangement along the coast line did it’s best to hold back the ever rising water levels, in all this hassle Dave put aside his camera and started helping out. Aiding all the beach vendors who got caught up in the middle of the storm. One after another Dave went back to help each and every one he could spot on the vast beach, by the time the rain finally slowed down Dave had almost got everyone to safety but just to be safe at around 5 PM he went out again to ensure everyone was safe.

Almost done with his lookout, he heard a faint squeal from under a scaffolding that had lodged between sand and ruins of a cart. The dying out squeal wasn’t human, but that didn’t deter him from going all out to save the poor animal. Under the scaffolding lay a dog with a leg caught under rubble possibly injuring and leaving him unable to move. Clearing out the sand to be able to lift the debris from over the dog, Dave managed to free him out. And rushed him to get medical attention.

The broken foot healed in two months and the puppy was up and running around the house, Dave had kept him here to care for it while it recovered. But those two months never seemed to end and went on to last forever as they soon became best buddies.

The easiest thing for Dave was to name him, and ever so easily and appropriately named his puppy, ‘Storm’. And ever since that day whenever Dave went out chasing storms, Storm chased him.

Feature Image: Aviva

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