The Bully | – The Bully
By: Nidheesh Samant |

“Your child is a bully. There is no other way to put it.”

Miss Shelley placed her hands on her hips, indicating that she had passed her verdict.

Aisha Sheikh sat with her eyes faced downwards. She thought it best to not comment on the already heated situation. She sat alone with nine pairs of eyes glaring at her. The eight women other than Miss Shelley were the mothers of her son’s classmates. The other parents agreed with Miss Shelley, the class teacher.

“Frankly, Mrs. Sheikh this is not the first time I have received complaints from parents about Faizal. He seems to be a real trouble-maker. I understand ten year old boys are mischievous and over active. But, that does not mean I can turn a blind eye to his behavior all the time. And this time he really crossed the limits. He beat up eight kids and even broke the teeth of one of them….”

“My poor Darshan!”

Mrs. Pandit howled from the chair behind Aisha.

Miss Shelley looked at her with concern.

“How is Darshan now? What did the dentist say?”

“The dentist said the damage will not be permanent since they were milk teeth. But, my son had to face so much pain because of the little devil Faizal.”

Miss Shelley turned back to Aisha.

“You see, this is the degree of violence we are talking of. You need to explain to your child that it is wrong.”

Lata Dutt stood up from her seat.

“Why would she even do that, eh Miss Shelley? Their kind thrives on violence.”

Aisha had heard all these barbs before. But that did not mean they did not hurt every single time. And this time, she could not even retort as her son had resorted to violence. She kept her gaze focused on the dusty floor of Miss Shelley’s cabin.

Miss Shelley ignored Lata’s discriminatory comment.

“If I quantify all the instances involving Faizal, he has bullied almost all the boys in his class, except Rishabh.”

Tara Shah shifted in her seat.

“You mean, that mental kid?”

Miss Shelley glared at her.

“Special child, Mrs. Shah.”

Tara coughed.

“Yes, yes, the same. Well, at least your child has the basic decency not to bully and beat such kids.”

Lara Dutt chimed in.

“That is the case for now. Who knows what will happen down the line? With their kind anything is possible. These  terrorists…”

Miss Shelley cut her off.

“That is quite enough Mrs. Dutt. I will not have such statements being made in my presence. And you should stop passing these sentiments on to your children as well. As for Mrs. Sheikh, this is the final warning for Faizal. If I get one more complaint about him, his case will go to the Principal and strict action will have to be taken. And now, I need to get back to my class. Have a good day ladies.”

Aisha got up from her seat and hurried out of the door. There was only so much restraint she had on her emotions.


In the next room there was a hushed silence as all the kids worked on the class work given to them by Miss Shelley. A plump kid with bruises on his face got up from his seat and walked up to his classmate who was struggling hard to solve the questions.

“Should I help you with the questions, Rishabh?”

Darshan looked up at the plump kid and gave him a smile. As he nodded his head to indicate a yes, his thick glasses fell off from his face.

The class broke out into a loud laughter. Faizal picked up the glasses and handed them to Rishabh. He turned to the class and glared at the boys until the laughter died down. He then looked in the direction of a boy with oiled hair, missing two front teeth. He had been the last to stop laughing.

“The next time you pick on Rishabh, I will break more than your teeth.”

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