A Closed Room – – Short Story
By: Preeti Vyas |

Daily before going to bed, he used to update his wish list. It’s from his younger days in school and nothing has changed. Now, he is a grown-up guy earning up his living, not as he dreamt of, but he is trying hard to make the ends meet. He loves what he does and he has plans set for all. But life doesn’t give him many choices. Living in a four walled chamber is not what he wished for. But he has got some strict plans and routines for investment and savings. He can sacrifice the sunrise and the sunsets from the lazy bed for now but he can have it all in the end.

He has made out his whole routine of just working hard all day. Holidays are not a thing for him. Parties are not his personal choices. He is cutting it all for the right time to come. Just living on meager resources. His friends often used to tease him for his shoes and his clothes. He was the guy in the group still living in retro when the whole world is rushing towards the blindfolded trends around. He used to cook in his four-walled chamber which he calls home of his own. He does have windows but those are scribbles from his notebook stuck on the scraped off walls. A bedding in the floor and a closet fill it all.

But as usual, some days are special and it came to him too. Finally, he got a major hike in his salary for working his days and nights off. They asked him what he is going to do now. He didn’t say much but he knows it all right. The next day he slept in his house with the winds blowing out all of his plights. The scribbles hung on the wall but these are well painted now. He slept again after writing on his dairy, with the windows in the list stroked-off.

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