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By: Debanjali Kundu | Good English Institute

c2994e5ff27a627ce98e84a4a32805b2Time rides on it’s swift chariot; it never waits to oblige anyone. It goes on and on,living behind all the memories of darkness and brightness.The English Theologian and Historian Thomas Fuller appears to be the first person to commit the notion that”The Darkest Hour Is Just Before The Dawn”.This abstract quotation signifies that there is hope even in the worst of circumstances.” Dawn” refers to the start of a period of time or beginning of something new.The darkest hour in one’s life is followed by the onset of something good and positive.He who can gladly accept good times in life shall sportingly accept harsh times in life too. For this perspective one will only need optimistic attitude towards his or her life. Life is not only of good times -it’s on the borderline on good and bad.The darkness, the black, the unclear-all marks the beginning of new and something fresh and positive too. The afore-mentioned idea implies that just before the sun rises,the sky is at it’s blackest, suggesting that when times are at their worst for us they will soon get better. It is just a small ray of light and we have been through it like a shining beacon.  When all hope is lost and we feel like our calamity will never lift, it’s encouraging to believe that good times are forthcoming. Even during worst of times, we can or should have hope and live another day with hope of a better tomorrow.

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